Joey Scott


8 albums and sellout tours across the U.S. Canada, Europe the U.K. and Japan

Hitting the top 100 4 times in the U.S.

Hitting 1 on CMJ (radio) (me against the world)

Consistently top 5 on metal radio

Performing in 4 video's in rotation on MTV and the playboy channel

Hosting the Headbangers ball, (MTV-U.S.)

(Appearing on MTV-Canada-England-Germany-and Japan

Performing (live) in the movie (the decline of the western civilization part 2)

Appearing on the (the Decline of the Western Civilization) sound track

Appearing on the movie (Black Roses) sound track

Releasing a double live album

Revered in (billboard magazine)

Full length live video (Lizzy Borden Live)

Special guest to Alice cooper at the reading festival in London, (50,000) people

2 on the P.M.R.C hit list as the most dangerous band in the world.

Guest on the Jesse Jackson show (pilot episode)

Guest on CNN

Appearing in and on the cover of magazine's such as (Circus, Hit Parader, Metal Edge, the Star, Creem, Burrn, Metal Hammer and countless others.

Performed at Wacken and Bang Your Head Festivals