1.What are some maintenance tips for the drum set?

Ans. Periodically check all the hardware to be tight. Things loosen up if they’re being whacked all the time, so inspect the kit by checking the fit or all the components. Clean shells with any high-quality, non-abrasive furniture, guitar, or drum polish/wax and a soft clean cloth. Window cleaner also works very well on wrapped finishes drums.

If you’re really obsessive about it, wear gloves to prevent fingerprinting. Don’t use paper towels because they can be too abrasive. Dust the drums and hardware before applying any cleaning formulas to remove any buildup because dirt can abrade surfaces. 

2.How do I set up my drums?

Ans. If this is the first time you are attempting to assemble a drum set, we recommend that you seek assistance from a knowledgeable music store employee or working drummer in your area, if possible.

Putting a set of drums together for the first time can be a somewhat daunting challenge, and a person with more experience and expertise may be an invaluable resource in the finer points of the process as well as the critical macro element: positioing the components together as a playable kit. Importantly, while there are a number of conventions that many drummers employ, there is no “right” way to set up drums. The goal is for you to be comfortable as you play and for your playing to be your best.