SD-18B(W/Backpack Bag)

At its core,the SD-18 includes a 5.5"x14" 8-lug

Chrome snare,14" sound-off practice pad,drum

key,and pair of drum sticks.The outfit comes

with an Arena 600 Series telescoping snare

stand that features an adjustable basket-

type stand top that grips the drum, and

the stand has extended telescopic range

for concert applications as well as

with traps.A 10" splash cymbal

and mounting arm are also

included in the package,

opening up worlds of musi-cal possibilitie s,

and the snare kit fits in a durable,

compact, nylon backpack bag, also included.

SS-610C Concert Snare Stand

Extended height snare stand, featuring double

braced legs and basket tilter.


Metal Snare Drum

1/2"x14" W/Internal Tone Control

Snare Stand: SS-515

Cymbal 10" &Cymbal Holder

Drum Sticks.


Color: #22 Met. Blue

Wood Snare Drum 5.5"x14"

Snare Stand SS-410

Cymbal 10"& Cymbal Holder

Drum Sticks.


Color #22 Met. Blue

Wood Snare Drum 5.5"x14"

Snare Stand SS-630.