Regardless os skill leve, marching and field percussion presents a harsh playing environment. Variables not common in other areas of play - like weather and mobility - are givens in the marching and field domain. Peace took these factors into account when designing its line of marching drums. The results are products that stand up to the rigors and demands of the idiom, yet are forgiving to the player. Peace builds snare drums out of a number of different materials and offers chromed metal and aluminum shell marching snare in addition to wooden marching snare. All of Peace's wooden marching drums are maple / machogany / maple " sandwich " shells constructed for superior sonic performance, durability, and cost effectiveness. From the snare and tenors to the " Scotch" shallow bass drums in the Cadet Series , to the largest and bombastic sounding bass drums in the Parade Series , painstaking care is given to insure that shells are impeccable and bearing edges are consistent. Peace has the globe in its quest to procure the finest raw materials for use in its products, and the selected woods are no exception

MD-L1412#503 / MD-L2414#503

Marching Bass Drum


Parade Series Carbonply Snare Drum

Light as a feather, yet having high tensile strength, carbon fiber technology has found numerous applications in diverse fields such as aerospace, civil engineering, armament, and sports. Add marching drums to the list. A carbon fiber shell version of Peace's most popular marching snare drum, the MD-A1412SAL, is now available. Marching band percussion will marvel at the light weight of the drum,and band andaudience members alike will marvel at the insrument's sound- dry and explosive, with a full-range crack sure to cut through the ensemble.